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Course soil biology

This course is suitable for every agrarian or co-operator that works in the fild of trees and/or plants in a cultivation technological way. 

Explaining soil problems, disease resistance, and improving the efficiency of soil.

Providing insight in a healthy soil and what interacts with that.

Providing solutions for good soil management.

Applicable soil biology for practical use.

The course tackles general soil problems (what are the causes and what may be good solutions), structure decay, diseases, plagues, soil exhaustion, ground operating, fertilization, and sampling. Besides that, applicable soil biology is effectuated. The course is available for full-ground and container cultivation/substrate cultivation. 

Full-ground: 3 dayparts; structure decay, diseases, plagues, fertilization, biology, sampling, soil biology (organisms), ground operating, metabolism, use of raw materials, a.o. 

Container cultivation: 4 dayparts; same content as the full-ground course, however focused on potting soils.  Extra: water treatment, and additions to potting soil. 


Group size
From approximately 10 to 15 people.

Application and information:
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Download here the pdf-file "De bodem als Basis"